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Training Services


Kick Action Academy caters toward a wide range of ages (3-16) and talent levels to enable you to succeed and flourish out on the Football field. Whether you play Town Travel, Club, High School or College; Kick Action Academy provides a positive learning environment, which helps maximize your individual development.

Training Camps and 1 on 1 sessions are available every school holiday and provide you the competitive edge whatever your situation. Gain an advantage before the start of the season, in the run up to trials, technical/tactical sessions alongside your regular team training.

  • 1st Touch and Passing

  • Dribbling and 1 v 1 moves

  • Shooting and Finishing

  • Aerial Control

  • Goalkeeping

  • Soccer-specific Balance and Co-ordination*

  • Strength, Speed and Agility*

  • Attacking (positional awareness, forward runs, short and long passing styles, shooting/crossing techniques, link play)

  • •Tactical Sessions

  • •Advise on fitness and nutrition

  • •Analysis on running style

  • •Video Analysis of sessions

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