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1-1 Coaching & Small Group  Training


Specialised Training 


Kick Action Academy specialise in 1-2-1 and Small Group coaching aiming to improve your child's football skills, on an individual basis.

Our coaches will gauge your child's football ability and then discuss their strength and areas for improvement.

This will enable us to tailor a specific football programme for your child.

We will be looking to improve your child's:

  • Confidence on the ball 

  • First Touch 

  • Composure on the ball 

  • Ability to use both feet  

  • Technique 

  • Spacial Awareness 

  • Movement 


Kick Action Academy also have football camps during the half term, where your child will train like an elite football player and receive all the training services we offer such as: football training, strength training, along with speed,agility and quickness training. 


Sessions will be organised by appointment, all sessions run for 60 minutes at a geographically convenient training location.


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