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Showcase Team

The Kick Action Academy Showcase Team  is a newly formed project recruiting the best talent from in and around London. The Academy are hosting trials In May venue will be confirmed through application, where the successful candidates will be invited to an evaluation on technical, tactical, physical and mental abilities. Only a successful 18 players from the trialist will be chosen to form the Kick Action Academy Showcase Team who will go on to play academy and pre-academy sides, numerous showcase matches through out the season.

These players will be required to train together with showcase matches up to 1-2 times a month, to attend branded events and tournaments with opportunities of sponsorship and professional/semi-professional opportunities .

The final Academy team will undergo frequent filmed game analysis where individual performances will be tracked for improvements and adjustments, as well as footage edited to contribute towards a players CV for an invite into future clubs. Players will also be documented to track progress and give a behind the scenes look into sports science, fitness methodology, individual coaching, talent ID and mental training on the path to a professional career.

The Trial​


Players are required to be between 16-18yrs for the 1 day trial. Players will be required to undergo fitness test, technical ability challenges as well as physical and mental evaluations before undergoing numerous small sided games. (These small sided games will be recorded with game footage sent back to individuals upon request.) Players can also join even if they play at another club, the academy is a great shop opportunity for players to showcase their talent through our set up. 

Unsuccessful trialist who show strong potential will be invited to our advanced training centres and be at times asked to train alongside the Academy  as replacements for subsequent injuries or absentees with the possibility of making it into the squad full time.  

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